Saturday, 24 April 2010

Generating Happiness - Costumes help

These photos are from Mid-April, meaning a few days from the heartwrenching Moving Day.
But never fear, Stephanie and Marc are here, and they are Mobile Happiness Generators.
Steph the dancer knows, Costumes help.

She got all bouncy when our packing labors reached the storage boxes labeled 'bride dresses', and 'dress-ups'. Out they came, and life went on as usual.

Stephanie Nourished us all.

Marc the animator continued on with his usual creative cyberspace wizardry. Wizard, right?

Mariko continuted to level-up her English. Very diligence.

And we did all those boring tasks associated with the next day's garage sale.

Galligher the Hammer head Cat supervised, politely refraining from asking me where his next home will be.

In an apt costume for a Gone With The Wind style domestic devastation, I put off thinking about it all, at least until tomorrow. Hairstyle improvised with clothespegs.

The dress-up box was a favorite escape place as a child, and it still works, decades on.
Thanks Mum.

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