Sunday, 17 May 2009

hot mail box - aussie Ingenuity

Hot mail box

Driving from a perfect day of hiking, I saw this Hotmail box.
The perfect day just got perfected.
This is where the ingenious hotmail-box owner probably goes to walk his dog and get his inspiration: the Mt. Worth Hiking trail, a temperate rainforest just over an hour out of Melbourne. The lovely Meetup hiking group let me tag along. I was happy all day long.

New Zealand Apple Mac mailbox by applefritter
A google image search, I found the New Zealand version.
"Marry a New Zealander", my dad once said. I never got a chance to ask why, and though he never went there, pictures like this mailbox make me think he must have been onto something. In my experiance, there are more Eccentrics per capita there than any other country in the world. The island mentality - maybe it gets them thinking that their contribution really counts, they can do something to change the world.

Imagine coming home grumpy to that. How could you not start smiling?

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